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Welcome to the TPSDK Portal

The Trimble® Precision software development kit (SDK) is an API for Trimble Geospatial technology.

It gives a developer an unified, object oriented interface to Trimble Geospatial technology ranging from optical instruments like the Trimble SX12 or the Trimble S Series family to Trimble GNSS receivers like the Trimble R Series and Spectra Precision® Focus 35.

The SDK targets Windows desktop applications and is provided as collection of Microsoft .NET libraries.

Everything a field application needs for sensor management

Installing the SDK will reveal several folders - each for a component within the SDK:

  • Sensor Software Interface (SSI)
  • Spatial Imaging Library (SIL)
  • Controller Software Interface (CSI)

As all components are only loosely coupled so it’s possible to implement only one; a developer can cherry-pick the components he needs to minimize needless code in the field. On the other side there are logical dependencies - SIL expects objects from SSI in order to perform angle to pixel transformations and so on.


Sensor Software Interface is a unified, object oriented driver interfaces allowing to connect and control Geospatial hardware developed by Trimble. It provides an interface based abstraction layer to feature groups inside hardware.

A none-comprehensive list of supported devices are:

  • Trimble SX Series
  • Trimble S Series
  • Spectra Precision Focus 30/ 35 Series
  • Trimble C5 Series
  • Trimble R Series
  • Spectra Precision SP60/ SP80


Spatial Imaging Library is a calculation library based on the camera models of e.g. Trimble S Series and Trimble SX Series.

It allows transformations from angles to pixel and vice versa to make full use of the video & image stream of the instrument.

It also provides containers like matrixes or 3d vectors used in the calculations or information on the extrinsic camera relative to the telescope.


Controller Software Interface provides tools and utilities that help working with Trimble controllers like the TSC7 or instruments like the Trimble SX10.

The list of tools ranges from retrieving the device serial to Wifi and Bluetooth scans to identifying and instrument IP in a network environment. This is important for instrument like the Trimble SX10 or Trimble X7 which work as DHCP servers.

The most important pages for the Trimble Catalyst ecosystem are: