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Trimble Precision SDK for Android and iOS.

Quick access to all things a developer may be interested in.

Instrument handling

Unified instrument interface for all devices; for full control.


The TMM application allows developers to reuse exposed Android intents to log in and much more.


Facade project; acting as sample as well as simplified and ready to use wrapper for any project.

Multiple languages

Depending on the target OS different languages like C#, Java or Objective-C/ Swift are available.

Mock locations

The developer has the choice to either use the enhanced mock locations provided by TMM or implement the SDK directly.


WebSocket server (http & https) with similar payload as mock locations for PWAs.

More questions on subscriptions and Catalyst ready applications?

Have a look at our Trimble Catalyst product website.

Trimble Catalyst website

Catalyst ready apps by our partners

A non-comprehensive list of our partners using the Trimble Precision SDK to embed support for Trimble Catalyst directly into their workflow.