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There are a couple of things that you, as a developer, need to know or get hold of before getting started with the Trimble Precision SDK for Android:


Trimble ID

A Trimble ID is the central authorization piece within Trimble and TPSDK - especially with regards to subscriptions, web services and Trimble Catalyst.

Both developer and end user need a TID account to:

  • download the subscription file
  • manage subscriptions via the license manager
  • download geoid files
  • access web services for other meta data

Trimble ID accounts are free and quickly created via the Trimble Catalyst website.


Trimble hardware

A Trimble GNSS receiver is required to implement any of the available options and verify the output.

A Trimble Bluetooth receiver like the Trimble Catalyst DA2 or Trimble R2 are perfect for developing as both support a wide range of features and are easy to debug (due to the Bluetooth connection). A loaner unit can typically be arranged via the local Trimble Dealer. Free developers subscriptions needed for Trimble Catalyst can be requested via an email to the TPSDK admin.

Subscriptions also allow access to On-Demand RTK sessions as available for Trimble Catalyst.


Application ID

At the end of the integration process a developer must substitute the facade application ID or GUID with his own application ID. The application ID is part of the application authorization mechanism.

The application ID is a parameter that gets consumed by e.g. the facade or the DriverManager. While doing debug builds its best to use the GUID as provided in the samples; however those will fail when you create a release build.

To do release builds you need a properly registered application, check the documentation for details.

Registering an application means that a the applications presents its application & developer specific GUID to the server. This ID is created by Trimble and provided to the developer.


Get started

Finally it’s time to deep dive into the Trimble Catalyst universe:


Create a Trimble ID (TID) account so we can allocate a free Developer Subscription for Trimble Catalyst to you.


Download Trimble Mobile Manager from Google Play Store and so that your phone or tablet is ready for Trimble Catalyst.


Request a free developer subscription to access the high accuracy modes (1m or better). Check the SDK documentation for details on how to request a developer demonstration subscription.


Download and copy the free SDK available in the download section of this page to receive the API.


Start your Android Studio or Eclipse if you plan to use the Java based SDK or launch Microsoft Visual Studio with Xamarin for Android for a C# solution to start your application. For iOS you can use xCode to consume the Objective-C SDK.

Check out

Check out the sample within the SDK and have a look at the documentation that comes with it to understand the philosophy of the SDK and to have a smooth start.


Develop your own precise-position-aware application and tell us about it so we can link to it in our partner section.